A darkly-comic and moving portrayal of America’s down-and-out generation.

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Directed by Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross, Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets follows the coming and goings of a group of barflies that find solace in a dilapidated Las Vegas bar. Filmed over the final few weeks of the bar’s existence before it’s closed for good, the staff and regulars at the Roaring 20’s contend with the idea of life without their regular drinking joint. Through intergenerational relationships, they discuss the future of America.

Perhaps the most outstanding thing in a long line of outstanding things about Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets

On Christopher Nolan’s eleventh outing as cinema’s near-fi poster boy, extraordinary visuals and a decent showing from the cast struggle to mask weak characters, an annoyingly labyrinthine concept, and a storyline that might qualify as serviceable if only you could hear a word anybody is saying.

Graphics by Betty Woodhouse (https://www.instagram.com/bettywoodhousedesign/?hl=en)

A slightly irritating penchant Christopher Nolan has had in his recent output has turned from an understandable need to deliver exposition into a recurring segment in his filmography. An hour-long introduction is required for all his sci-fi ideas to explain the high concept drama that will unfold before your eyes — it happens in…

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It’s difficult to find autobiographical stories in cinema that don’t feel melodramatic for the sake of ramping a story’s tension, many feel like they are appealing to the lowest common denominator with their audience’s expectations. David O. Russel’s The Fighter is a film that bats this recurring issue away as if it were nothing more than a fly buzzing around the head of the genre. Tackling heavy themes of drug addiction and faltering dreams, Russel’s 2010 venture is hoisted high upon the shoulders of monumental performances and bar-setting storytelling.

A mixture of sporting glory-hunting and family drama, The Fighter follows…

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Over the course of the past decade, Hollywood has clawed Denis Villeneuve out his darkened corner and widened his squint into a broad-eyed visionary — a filmmaker who now pulls off undeniably ambitious projects with jealousy-inducing ease. In anticipation for his grand adaptation of Dune (set for release later in 2020), we travel back to 2010, to a film that cemented Villeneuve as one of the decade’s most valuable players. Incendies is an intricate and gut-churning exploration of lost innocence, survival against the odds, and heritage.

Incendies traces the harrowing life of a dying middle-eastern woman, Nawal, who leaves her…

Jacques Tati’s last written work is a poignant and charming tale of a bygone era.

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Throughout his many years as a filmmaker, Jacques Tati was known for his offbeat comedies, many of which were measured in equal parts slapstick and refined social commentary. 2010’s long-delayed The Illusionist sticks ruthlessly to this vision, perhaps tipping the scale more in favour of critiquing society at the expense of comedy.

Completed as a script in the 1950s, the film concerns a struggling illusionist who, after performing in an isolated village in Scotland, meets an adolescent girl who mistakes his performances for real magic…

A retrospective review of Darren Aronofsky’s defining moment

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Long gone were the days of the lone wolf raging against the world and succeeding when the 2010s rolled around, cinephiles wanted something more demanding from the new decade; a peculiar trend weaved its way throughout — dramatic rivalries between characters that were so diametrically opposed they couldn’t not go to war, alla The Favourite of 2017, or even battles between characters that had more in common than they might think, by way of Whiplash, in 2014. But neither of these releases compare to Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 masterwork, Black Swan. …

Twenty-one years on, Sam Mendes’ tale of American tragedy is as poignant now as it was then… but not always for the right reasons.

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The satisfaction of telling your boss where to stick their job is a luxury that’s afforded to… well, none of us. But God, wouldn’t it be great if it was. Sam Mendes’ directorial debut poses just that idea — what if, without care, we could relive the recklessness and disorder of our youth? What if we could do it without consequence? In Mendes’ bleak, but dream-like depiction of suburbia on the brink of the new millenium…

Imagine you’re sitting on a train. It’s a Saturday, perhaps you’re coasting through a city, and the sun is shining. You’re sitting on your own and you’re not really sure what the day is holding. You haven’t got anything to do, and you’ve got all day to do it. That’s nice. You hardly ever get time to yourself. You think you’ll search for something today but you’re not sure what.

I never considered myself lonely at any point in my life. My childhood was shaped by incredible parents, a cast of colourful friends and a healthy exposure to different cultures…

Long before emo rap decidedly entered the mainstream, Kid Cudi was Hip Hop’s one-man bastion of emotional crooning. But will rap’s most celebrated influencer boast a legacy that survives through his music, or is he forever destined to be the torchbearer of inspiration?

I will be completely honest going into this article, I discovered Kid Cudi very late. I know to a lot of people that’s practically blasphemy, but I really didn’t start paying attention to the guy until, say, two years ago? I guess even then, “attention” might be a little strong — it was more that I became aware of Cudi’s influence on Hip Hop. Me and my flatmates talk a lot about influence, where it comes from and who is at the forefront of various mediums, and since ‘influencer’ is now an actual job title it feels a more valuable…

Connor Cudmore

How to do your twenties badly.

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