Ranking Every Song on Tyler, The Creator’s WOLF Trilogy

Unhinged doodle by Connor Cudmore

47. ‘Fish/Boppin Bitch’

46. ‘Tina’

Tyler poses for XXL Magazine with members of Odd Future, including Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and members of The Internet amongst others. Photo credit: XXL

45. ‘Transylvania’

44. ‘Bitch Suck Dick’

43. ‘Tron Cat’

42. ‘Au79'

Tyler poses with a bloodied fan at Coachella 2011. The fan is wearing Odd Future merch with an Earl Sweatshirt missing poster brandished across the front.

41. ‘VCR/Wheels’

40. ‘Parade’

39. ‘Pigs Fly’

38. ‘Odd Toddlers’

37. ‘Goblin’

Tyler in prosthetics for the ‘IFHY’ music video, 2013.

36. ‘Cowboy’

35. ‘Inglorious’

34. ‘Wolf’

33. ‘Slow It Down’

32. ‘Trashwang’

31. ‘AssMilk’

Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler on stage at Ace of Spades, Sacramento, around Wolf’s release. Photo credit: Impose Magazine.

30. ‘Nightmare’

29. ‘Sandwitches’

28. ‘Pigs’

27. ‘Session’

26. ‘Tamale’

Tyler, the Creator performs on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon at the height of Odd Future’s popularity. Photo credit: Rolling Stone

25. ‘Blow’

24. ‘Her’

23. ‘Slater’

22. ‘French’

Tyler performs in the iconic ‘Goblin’ mask, circa 2011. Photo credit: Slate

21. ‘Jamba’

20. ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

19. ‘Window’

18. ‘Bastard’

17. ‘Seven’

16. ‘Golden’

Tyler in typically colourful attire.

15. ‘PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer’

14. ‘Domo23'

13. ‘Radical’

12. ‘Parking Lot’

11. ‘IFHY’

10. ‘Lone’

09. ‘Analog’

08. ‘Treehome95'

07. ‘Rusty’

06. ‘She’

05. ‘Yonkers’

04. ‘Colossus’

03. ‘Awkward’

02. ‘48’

01. ‘Answer’



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